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How to Get Your School Ready for STEM This Year

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Are you ready for STEM this year? Is your new multi-million dollar facility completely furnished? Is your staff of thoroughly STEM-prepared teachers ready to go? Have you found a place to put the abundance of STEM resources and materials that were delivered to your school? Have you found ways for teachers to have extra meeting time during the day? Then you’re ready!

Oh — that’s not exactly your situation?

Welcome to the myriad of schools that are just getting this STEM thing off the ground. Whatever your situation, you can begin to ramp up for great STEM learning by following some advice gathered from educators who’ve been teaching STEM classes successfully for several years.

First things first: Prepare yourself for noisy, exuberant classrooms where multiple right answers abound and failure is regarded as a positive step toward discovery and a successful solution. Get ready for kids to work closely together, using hands-on methods to solve real-world problems. Be willing to step back and give students enough room to kick off their journey toward becoming creative, innovative, critical thinkers.

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